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Chad is a proud Lone Star State native from Fort Worth, Texas. 

Chad started his performance career on the stage while music was developing in his soul the whole time. He Studied drama in high school and later received a theater degree from Texas Christian University,

With a degree in hand and multiple professional theater appearances on his resume, Chad set out for the bright lights of Hollywood. 

Although acting was such a fun adventure, Chad knew there was something more and his life had a much bigger purpose.

Chad asked God what he could do to impact God’s kingdom and not just his own. That prayer turned into a position in full time worship music ministry.

Chad began writing songs about his experiences, his ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly and ultimately finding hope and redemption in Jesus.

Music is not just his calling, but also his passion and joy. “It’s the relationship with people all over the country that make singing these songs the best job ever.”

Chad always wants to interact with people and hear their life journey story, their hopes and dreams and how he can pray with them and celebrate with them.

Impacting God’s kingdom through his music, that’s the goal. Loving on Jesus and loving on others. No matter if Chad is singing one of his songs or someone else’s, he always says “It’s my job to sing WITH you and not AT you.” All of Chad’s performances are engaging and full of energy and at times can become a giant sing-a-long. Just how He likes it!


-In-ear monitor system(4 individual body packs) *important*-since we run tracks

-Aviom is ok for the band but Chad must have a body pack for ears

-Sound engineer present at sound check and throughout performance

(Chad)Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitar:

-Lead Vocal Mic-Wireless if possible, if not, sm58 or better

-Boom Mic Stand

-Direct Box


(Bryan)Electric Guitar:

-Direct Box

-Electric Guitar stand

-Guitar mic and small boom mic stand

(Brandon)Bass Guitar:

-Direct Box

-Bass Guitar stand

-Regular Mic stand for ipad for bass player



-2 direct boxes for the laptop(tracks)

-2 overhead mics

-snare mic

-2 tom mics

-kick mic

-condensor mic for hat

-Own drums preferred, but if it’s a fly date

And drummer can’t bring whole kit:

-DW or comparable kit

-3 Boom cymbal stands

-Hi-Hat stand

-Kick pedal

-kick drum

-floor tom

-rack tom


-ride cymbal


-drum throne

-snare stand




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The Chad Chaney Project


Chaney - Never Turn


Chad Chaney - Glory Is The Sound EP


Chad Chaney Band - Holy Roar


Chad Chaney - Victory EP 


Chad by himself with acoustic-$500 or with drums -$700.00 plus travel and lodging and a meal 


Full Band one day or night event-we shoot for $1,000 but got $850 more regularly plus travel and lodging and meal 



Full Band two day conference-$2,250 plus travel and lodging and meals or per dium (have gone down to $1,800 for that one)



Full band week conference or camp-$4,000 plus travel and lodging and meals or daily per dium (have gone down to 3,000 on that one)



We shoot for the rate but usually still play if they can’t quite get there


“Chad Chaney is the real deal, a musician seeking the heart of God and using his musical talents to spread God’s word to a hurting world. Chad Chaney’s music has an anointing over it that can literally leave a room speechless. I have had the honor of working with Chad for over a year, I have brought him in for outside music festivals, youth rallies, indoor Praise and Worship concerts and private parties, he is always excited to come and share his music and one of my favorite artist to work with. This guy is genuine, loves spending time with fans whether it’s praying with someone are tossing a football around with a youth after a concert. He is defiantly one of the most requested artist that I work with and I hope to continue to work with him for years to come.”

Jerra Jones
promoter, producer 4030onefest

Name, Title


-"love remains" #2 on independent christian radio charts for multiple weeks

-shared the stage with building 429, the afters, group one crew, ryan stevenson, rachal lampa, michael w smith, 7eventh time down, meredith andrews, rapture rukus, jonathan thulin, leeland

-headlined more than 20 conferences nationwide

-led worship at over a hundred retreats and camps

-has songs featured in 4 different independent films

-music is played all over the world on multiple radio stations